Florida launches new tourism effort


Worried about tourism dropping off as the national economy slumps, Florida has launched a national campaign aimed at drawing tourists in. Besides a 30-second TV spot, the 9 million campaign that began Monday includes print, television and a heavy emphasis on a Web-based promotion for Florida’s top industry, reported The AP. Some cities –mostly cold, northern ones — will be targeted more intensely by the campaign, state officials said.
TV spots will air on major networks and are also can be viewed online at Visit Florida’s Web site. The ad touches on familiar Florida themes: pink flamingos, deep-sea fishing, a roller coaster, golf and families enjoying the sand and surf. There are three different versions of the ad, the story said.

The campaign is run by Visit Florida, the corporation created by the state in 1996 to promote tourism. It is funded mostly by the surcharge paid on rental cars, and by the industry itself.