FCC suspends LPTV Digital Deadline


LPTVIn a bit of incentive auction common sense rulemaking, the FCC has taken low power television stations off of at least one decision-making hook – the quandary of building or not building a digital facility.

The deadline was 9/1/15.

The FCC stated that it recognizes “…that the broadcast television spectrum incentive auction and repacking process will potentially displace a significant number of LPTV and TV translator stations and, because of this, it tentatively concluded to postpone the September 1, 2015 digital transition date to avoid requiring analog stations to incur the costs of transitioning to digital before completion of the auction and repacking process.”

Class A stations are still beholden to the deadline and must go silent if still broadcasting an analog signal at that time, and remain silent until using a digital signal. The deadline for Class As to get a digital license is 5/29/15.