FCC suggests a redo for STA-seeking station buyer


Houston-area non-commercial KSBJ Educational Foundation just filed to buy KNTE-FM El Campo TX from Liberman Broadcasting, and it also has recently filed for Special Temporary Authority to operate fixed-satellite transmit/receive earth station from the town where its flagship KSBJ-FM is located, Humble TX. The FCC had a number of problems with the STA and informed the Foundation it was free to try filing again.

The FCC said the application was incomplete and therefore subject to dismissal; however, the FCC added that it was dismissed “without prejudice to refiling,” indicating that the Foundation was free to cure its attempt to get the earth station up and running.

According to the FCC, the application was missing basic information. It said, “KSBJ did not submit any information relating to the frequency bands requested for operations, the type of equipment to be used, the proposed powers, the points of communications (satellites) with which KSBJ intends to operate, or the duration of the special temporary operations.

Secondly, it failed to explain the reason for its request, a step the FCC said may not be skipped.

Finally, the application referenced a file number of an earth station for which the license had elapsed way back in 2004. So KSBJ needs more than temporary authority to operate it, it needs authority, period.

The FCC said KSBJ needs to get a FCC Form 312, related forms, and provide all necessary info, in which case it would process the application.