FCC approves Tama transfers


Turning aside objections from former CEO Glenn Cherry, the FCC’s Peter Doyle, Chief, Audio Division, Media Bureau, has approved the sale of four stations by the receiver for Tama Broadcasting. The order also admonished Cherry for filing his objections.

This battle has been going on for some time. Cherry had charged that the D.B. Zwirn hedge fund had improperly taken control of the entire 9-station Tama group without FCC authorization.

Zwirn eventually settled with the FCC for $18K, but Cherry then claimed that he was being targeted, not by Zwirn, but rather by the FCC, for blowing the whistle on the wrongdoing.

Cherry charged that the FCC had violated its own rules and failed to enforce the Communications Act.

In the latest round, the FCC’s Doyle granted the assignment of WTHG-FM Savannah, GA (Hinsdale, GA) from the receiver to WRGO-FM Radio LLC and the assignment of three FMs in the Jacksonville, FL market – WJFO-FM Folkston, GA, WHJX-FM Baldwin, FL and WSJF-FM St. Augustine Beach, FL – from the receiver to Family Broadcasting LLC.

Doyle also said he found no merit to the latest claims by Cherry and noted that the earlier issues had been investigated and settled. “We caution Cherry that pleadings filed with the Commission are not to be ‘used for other than their intended purpose, e.g., for private financial gain, to settle personal claims or as an emotional outlet.’ The Georgia Objection and the Florida/Georgia Objection are frivolous and obstructive pleadings which are wholly devoid of merit. Accordingly, we admonish Cherry for his attempts to further delay this proceeding,” Doyle wrote. In addition, a footnote indicated that he had sent material to the FCC’s Office of General Counsel regarding possible attorney misconduct by Cherry’s counsel. He was represented by Percy Squire of Columbus, OH, who is also a former station owner.