FCC announces June agenda


If you’re waiting for an FCC Open Meeting agenda item that has stirring and vital interest to members of the broadcasting community, we suggest you keep your eyes peeled for the announcement about the July meeting, because there isn’t much happening in June.

Not that being ignored by the FCC is necessarily a bad thing – more often than not, when a broadcast issue is placed before the five commissioners for a vote it presents the very real possibility of a negative result.

Uhhh, make that four commissioners. The next meeting is on the calendar for Thursday, 6/9/11, and it will be conducted without the by-then-departed Meredith Baker. Her last day at the Commission will be 6/3/11, after which she will embark on her next career stop with Comcast/NBCU. Republican Robert McDowell will be a lone ranger alongside Democrats Julius Genachowski, Michael Copps and Mignon Clyburn.

Here, then, from the FCC, is the broadcast-free list of agenda items.

* Electronic Tariff Filing System Report and Order:  The Commission will consider a Report and Order that enables all carriers that file tariffs with the Commission to do so electronically, thereby streamlining their filing processes while also making tariff information more readily accessible to other carriers and the public.

*  Wider Channel Bandwidths FNPRM:  An FNPRM seeking comment on a proposal which may permit operators to use spectrum more efficiently by enabling the use of wider channel bandwidths for the provision of broadband services in the Broadband Radio Service (BRS) and the Educational Broadband Service (EBS).

*  Space Path Interference Report and Order:  The Commission will consider a Second Report and Order adopting technical rules to mitigate space path interference between the 17/24 GHz Broadcasting-Satellite Service (BSS) space stations and current and future Direct Broadcasting Service (DBS) space stations that operate in the same frequency band.

*  Maritime Automatic Identification Systems Order:  A Memorandum Opinion and Order considering a petition for reconsideration of the deadline by which VHF Public Coast (VPC) licensees must vacate Channel 87B following its re-designation for the exclusive use of Automatic Identification Systems and to modify the VPC frequency band.