Farrah Fawcett dies of cancer


Her battle with cancer was recently the subject of an NBC documentary, drawing 8.9 million viewers. Now, actress Farrah Fawcett has died at age 62.

Best known for her role in the ABC series “Charlie’s Angels” that made her a 1970s sex symbol, Fawcett sought to cast off the “jiggle show” stigma by seeking more challenging roles. She received the first of three Emmy nominations for her role as an abused wife in the 1984 TV movie “The Burning Bed,” which aired on NBC. Her last Emmy nomination came in 2004, for appearances on CBS’ “The Guardian.”

She was diagnosed with anal cancer in 2006. Although she was declared “cancer free” after surgery and chemotherapy, the cancer returned the following year. The two-hour documentary “Farrah’s Story” which chronicled her battle with cancer aired on NBC in May. Fawcett died Thursday morning at a hospital in Santa Monica, CA.