ESPN Radio’s Greenberg to milk a cow


ESPN Radio's Mike & Mike in the Morning co-host Mike Greenberg will pay up on a bet on 6/21 when the self-proclaimed metrosexual will doff his pressed khakis for overalls and milk a cow named Sox live at 8 a.m. ET in the TV studio where the show is simulcast from for ESPN2.

Mike & Mike in the Morning co-hosts Greenberg and Mike Golic traditionally match their NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament brackets, with the loser's fate pre-determined by a listener/viewer vote. When Golic's "sheet of integrity" prevailed this April, Greenberg was put in the precarious position of having to milk a cow. "If milk is the only thing that comes out of that cow, I will consider it a huge win," Greenberg says.

Frequent Mike & Mike guest and senior ESPN The Magazine writer Buster Olney, who grew up on a farm in Vermont and has been coaching Greenberg, will be there Thursday to help. While this marks Greenberg's first foray into farm-like activities, Sox is a television veteran, having appeared on syndicated daytime talk-show "The Caroline Rhea Show," and movies "Mr. Deeds" with Adam Sandler, and the remake of the "Thomas Crown Affair."