Envision takes 90’s Rock To The Core


Envision Radio NetworksIn the 1990’s a new class of rock artists emerged and created a sound that defined a generation. Often displaced because it didn’t fit the mold of classic rock or new rock, an entire decade of revolutionary music has found a home in The Core from Envision Radio Networks.

Hosted by Meltdown and programmed by Steve Black from Greater Media’s heritage rocker WRIF-FM Detroit, The Core is a two hour show that offers music and updates from the rock artists that thrived in the 90’s including Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Soundgarden, and U2.

“The 90’s era represents one of the biggest shifts of a musical direction in rock history. If you were 15 when Green Day released Dookie in 1994, you’re now 33 years old. If you were a senior in high school when Nirvana re-shaped the music world, you’re 38 years old and more than ready to reflect on those days gone by,” said The Core creator Steve Black, who is also the mastermind behind The Chop Shop, Chop Shop Classic, and Classic Rock Live.

Meltdown is the staple afternoon drive host at WRIF, where he has worked for the past 17 years.

“This is the music that encompasses the CORE of my radio career. I played these songs when they were new. Once I heard the concept for this new weekly program, I had to jump on board,” said Meltdown.

As one of the first nationally syndicated shows to follow the PPM format, The Core allows the music to speak for itself with only two commercial breaks an hour. The Core uses weekly benchmark features to dig deeper into the roots of the bands that formed their sound in the 90’s by highlighting interview clips and actualities in the “Artist Profile”, playing rare acoustic and live versions of the songs you know and love with “Core Performance”, and remembering the big musical event of this week in history with the “Core Sample”.