Aside from what some may have misinterpreted regarding Entravision CEO Walter Ulloa’s Q2 results mentioning the radio division opted not to renew with Citadel Media, the reality is they didn’t “end their deal.” According to the transcript, they said they did not renew a part of the contract that goes through May 2011. There were two separate contracts in the past – one for English language; one for Spanish. They combined them about a year ago. And as a result of that, some specifics came out of the newly-negotiated combined contract. The transcript also said that based on doing this, they lost some $500K per quarter in network clearance that they did not renew with Citadel this year. Citadel is on the street selling Entravision as part of their network.

As reported, Entravision Q2 radio revenue grew 10% — a 31% gain in national and 3% increase in local sales. Ulloa says the gains were primarily due to World Cup advertising.

Citadel Media’s Louis Adams tells us they were working with a very small number of English language stations with them up until March. Citadel’s Spanish-language relationship continues with Entravision. “We made the decision to discontinue our work with a small number of Entravision’s English-language stations in the first quarter of this year. Those particular stations represented minimal audience within our overall inventory. We continue to partner with Entravision for our Citadel Media en Español business.”