Entercom Austin launches “96.3 R&B”


EntercomEntercom Austin announced the launch of the New 96.3 R&B (K242CC @100 watts), from KKMJ-HD3.  Previously, 96.3 FM had been utilized as the news-talk KJCE-AM simulcast.  96.3 R&B will feature Steve Harvey in the morning and Urban AC throughout the day. Joining Steve Harvey on the New 96.3 R&B will be Snoop Daniel, live and local in PM drive. The rest of the lineup will be announced in the coming weeks.

“Entercom couldn’t be more excited to launch the New 96.3 R&B here in Austin.  For years, the African-American community has been underserved by radio in this market, and 96.3 R&B will super serve this vital and growing community,” said Alan Kirshbom, Entercom Austin Vice President and Market Manager.  “We are launching 96.3 R&B to compete and win.  Steve Harvey in the morning immediately gives our station credibility with listeners.  His mass appeal will resonate not only with the African-American Community but bring in a wider audience over time.”

Entercom also announced a lineup change to Talk Radio 1370. “By bringing back ‘America’s Morning News’ from 5am to 8am and moving Laura Ingraham to live programming from 8am to 11am, KJCE once again proves it is Austin’s and Texas’ Talk Station,” added Kirshbom.  Kirshbom also announced Dennis Miller will return from 11am to 1pm, followed by KJCE regulars Dave Ramsey and Sean Hannity.

Previous to news-talk, KJCE was an Urban AC station branded as ‘K-Juice 1370’.


  1. This is a Translator Station… What station’s audio are they retransmitting? Your news report is not complete until you tell us that information.

  2. I dug around so I could have an answer to my question. The translator station is retransmitting the audio of KKMJ 95.5 in Austin. Specifically the audio comes from digital channel three so this is not a new format in Austin, it is just a simulcast.

  3. This IS a new format in Austin! It’s being run via an HD translator but is being programmed in house by local Austin program director Cat Thomas with assistance from local personality Snoop Daniel. The station already has a local advisory board made up of prominent leaders/influencers in the Austin African American community and will be adding more in the coming weeks.

    • please teach these guy’s how to be program directors and djs. you would think they would have listened and learned from other pds & djs in the country Dallas, Houston, Chicago, Charlotte N.Y L.A just to name a few.


  4. This is a radio station that will have my full support and I will share it with everyone I know. I have seen many stations come and go. We can not lose this station!!!! If you guys have T-shirts coming soon, let me know and I will wear it with pride.

  5. Welcome back snoop…its about dang time I’ve never understood why Austin couldn’t have or keep a black radio station. Over the years we would think “we got one” n one day u flip to it and its the 7th tejano station or they weed out the r&b n hip hop n replace it with Latin hip hop n pop n claim its a station for us. All I can say is I hope it lasts n stays true from the music being played to allowing African American DJays to remain on the air

  6. It’s all abuzz on fb about the Steve Harvey morning show for the Austin community. As a previous 20 year radio personality in La and TN for UAC I am looking forward to hearing the format for this metro.

  7. I am delighted that WHUR 96.3 is now debuting in Austin because the city lacks obvious diversity, even though it claims to be a diverse population. I must say that the signal is slightly poor and a country music station blends in on the same channel. I checked it out and it seems that KCSC, a country music station, also shares the same channel in Austin. I don’t know why this is, but I hope that Alan Kirshbom, the Vice President and Marketing Manager for Entercom Austin, makes the necessary changes to ensure that listeners are not discouraged from tuning in due to two stations playing “hide and seek” on the same channel of 96.3. Everyone I’ve met in Austin and its surrounding towns, enjoys R&B music, regardless of their ethnicity, so this is absolutely wonderful. Austin City Council and some other local broadcasters, you might want to take some notes on how to help a city more culturally appealing and equality balanced, not to mention, more professional…

  8. I have been listening to Steve Harvey since he first came on the radio in LA many years ago. Since moving to Austin I could only listen online. I love his morning show and I’m very happy we finally have an R&B station in Austin. My only concern it the poor signal. As Earlz says the new station shares the same channel with a country music station, and the reception is poor in some areas. It’s a bit frustrating trying to listen on my way to work. I really hope this gets fixed SOON!! Otherwise, you will have a devoted listener.

  9. Earlz: Where did you get the call letters WHUR? The call letters of the translator are: K242CC. The call letters of the originating station are: KKMJ.

    Yolanda: If you get a digital (“HD”) radio then you can hear the station all over Austin because KKMJ is more powerful than its translator station. KKMJ is 49,000 watts and 50,000 with beam tilt. K242CC is only 100 watts but, it has a Construction Permit issued in April 2013 that will bring it up to 250 watts. The antenna will be more than double the height so the new signal with 250 watts will cover all of Austin.

  10. I’m just glad you are on the air waves in Austin. Thank you so much for the jams and smooth soul sounds of what real radio music should sound like. Keep the music flow’n we are listening.

  11. I love r & b but an r & b station is not complete without a little blues…. Just a suggestion

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