Edwards looking to return Black radio to Steel City


Eddie Edwards, like most of the African American community in Pittsburgh, was dismayed when Sheridan sold all three of the city’s Black-oriented radio stations to a noncommercial religious broadcaster.

Edwards told the New Pittsburgh Courrier that he’s been in negotiations to acquire a radio station of his own, and if his plan comes to fruition he’ll return Black programming to the air ASAP. He did not reveal anything about what station he was discussing.

Edwards noted that 27% of the in-city population of Pittsburgh is Black, as is 13% of the relevant county, too big a population to be ignored. He called the absence of the stations a “Black-out.”

“With no one doing anything to replace it, I got even more upset,” said Edwards. “It’s a ‘Black out,’ there’s no news and information about and for the community. There are elections coming up and, right now, we have no input. It’s missed by everyone, not just African-Americans. Can you imagine people looking at Pittsburgh for relocation asking, ‘Where’s the Black station?” and hearing there is none? We’re the only major metropolitan city without a Black radio station.”

RBR-TVBR observation: We’re a little surprised that Clear Channel, CBS or Keymarket failed to jump in and claim this massive and obvious format hole. At any rate, with wish Edwards good luck and much success with his effort.