Ed Tyll back to Orlando


Seems talker Ed Tyll loves Florida—going way back to his days at WPBR-AM in West Palm Beach and WTKS-FM Orlando. But hey, he’s been all over the map—from LA to Chicago to Detroit to Long Island. And now he’s back in The Sunshine State at Star Over Orlando’s WEUS-AM, Orlando’s Real Talk. He begins there 10/11 and airs M-F, Noon-3PM with his unique brand of humor and entertainment. Tyll has been doing stand-up comedy and voiceovers most recently in NYC.

In addition, WEUS talker Shannon Burke moves to the 3-6PM slot there. The Orlando Sentinel is currently running a poll where Shannon is currently in the #2 spot among talk show hosts in that market. Both Tyll and Burke worked at the same station in Orlando at one time and will soon be back to back on The Big 810 AM.