Eastlan developing Spanish radio ratings


A pair of Hispanic radio operators are working with ratings service Eastlan to put together a new radio ratings product that will aim at getting an improved read on the impact of Hispanic radio listeners. Bustos Media and Radio Campesina are Eastlan’s partners in the new venture.

Initial testing has been completed in two Washington State markets, Yakima and Tri-Cities, and expansion to as many of five markets is planned for the spring ratings cycle.

“Bustos Media is delighted to see more robust Spanish audience measurements,” remarked Amador Bustos, President & CEO of Bustos Media. “We’re optimistic this Eastlan project will be a competitive breath of fresh air for all broadcasters in general and Spanish language radio operators in particular.”

Greg Tacher, President of the The Tacher Company offered a rep’s perspective, noting that “agencies and direct radio advertisers are asking for more comprehensive data on the Hispanic audience to determine where to place their money to achieve results. We represent Campesina and several other Hispanic broadcasters nationally and can say without hesitation, this kind of product is long overdue and has real opportunity to become the currency of the Hispanic radio advertising community.”

RBR-TVBR observation: It will be interesting to see what Eastlan comes up with, but one thing is for sure the Hispanic market is growing and growing and if Eastlan can produce it may well find a niche against Arbitron and Nielsen.

Eastlan’s smaller-market focus means that its new product likely will not be going head-to-head with Arbitron’s PPM technology, much maligned by minority broadcasters, any time soon. As RBR-TVBR has reported and it is no secret that minority broadcasters are none too happy with Aribtron (which Arbitron is going to have to remedy in the New Year with stronger marketing and customer service.

And let’s not forget Nielsen Radio which is now a full fledge competitor in the radio market place and where their growth will point in the New Year. This is the year broadcasters will either embrace Nielsen or not as the new decade brings new challenges. Again, Nielsen has more tools available in their media research division than either Arbitron or Eastlan now we will see if they use them to their advantage.