Details on multi-faceted Corpus Christi TV deal


$7.5M KUQI-TV Corpus Christi TX from High Maintenance Broadcasting LLC (Lauryn Hoffman) to KUQI License LLC (Lester Langley Jr., Shelya S. Langley), license assets; and KIII Services Company LLC (Terry London), non-license assets. KUQI License is paying $5.8M cash; KIII Services is paying $1.7M in the form of a promissory note. KUQI will LMA station to KIII. KUQI is the local Fox affiliate, KIII is the local ABC affiliate. London is concurrently acquiring three low power facilities from a companies related to this seller. [FCC file date 3/16/12]

$1.25M KXPX-CA, KTOV-LP & KCBO-LP from GH Broadcasting Inc./Channel 7 of Corpus Christi Inc. (Fred Hoffman) to KXPX License Company LLC (Terry London). $1M cash, $250K non-compete with Hoffman. [FCC file date 3/16/12]