Denver pastor settles NPR trademark suit


GavelDenver radio host (Crawford Broadcasting’s KLTT-AM) and pastor Bob Enyart had been sued in New York state and federal courts by producers of NPR’s “Science Friday” for trademark infringement. Enyart said his program “Real Science Friday” is a direct challenge to — not an imitation of — the popular National Public Radio show of almost the same name.

He has since settled with NPR and changed the name of his show to “Real Science Radio”

ScienceFriday Inc. spokesman Christian Skotte says the network spent more than 20 years building a reputation as a trusted source of science news and information and wanted to protect that reputation. Enyart tells the Denver Post the terms of the settlement are confidential.

Enyart was also sued for cybersquatting.

Enyart and co-host Fred Williams, also named in the suit, say they are out to debunk conventional schools of scientific thought, such as Darwinism and other “old earth” theories. They often host and debate scientists on the program.

The had demanded that Enyart stop using the name and logo; purge them from any other Internet outlets, such as YouTube and Facebook; transfer the Internet domain; and surrender CDs and other materials for sale bearing the name or logo. It also asked for Enyart’s financial records and seeks financial damages of not less than $100,000 pursuant to the Anticyberspace Squatting Consumer Protection Act. No other details of the settlement were announced.