Democrats open radio offensive


The Democratic National Committee is getting on radio to go after members of the opposition party in the House of Representatives who opposed the Democrats’ health care bill. The targeting criteria: Representing a district carried in 2008 by Barack Obama.

According to The Detroit News, 32 Republican representatives fit that bill.

The ads say that the reps are ignoring calls for change, and that they are standing with insurance companies rather than with constituents.

One of the names on the list is familiar to broadcasters: Fred Upton (R-MI) was formerly chair of the key telecommunications subcommittee in the House Committee on Energy and Commerce. He was also the driving force in the House behind the Broadcast Decency bill which eventually increased the top drawer fine a broadcaster can get hit with to $325K.

The Detroit News cites the Cook Political Report in saying that Upton, for one, does not appear to be in any danger of losing his seat at this point.