Delilah to visit Haiti to thank US Military


Delilah will be bringing her voice of comfort and hope to the country of Haiti on March 27 and 28 when she visits the country to thank the U.S. military for their service. In the midst of her 48-hour trip, Delilah will be visiting orphanages, the U.S. Embassy and thanking volunteers and aid workers for their dedication. She hopes to communicate the progress that has taken place to the American people on her radio program.

Delilah will also be stopping in Miami on her way to Haiti to thank leaders who have donated time and money to disseminate supplies to the country. Her visit will come around two months after the 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit the country. Delilah and her team, including Director of Marketing and Affiliate Relations Matt Blair, have also visited U.S. military service personnel in Iraq, Germany, Turkey, Afghanistan and parts of Southwest Asia.

Delilah and team members such as Blair will be available for television interviews and comments from Miami and Haiti during their tour, and can be requested through The Media Collective.

“I am grateful to God, and the U.S. Military for opening the doors so that I can travel to Haiti,” says Delilah. “I am trying to emotionally prepare for the reality of the people I will encounter, and as painful as it will be, I hope that I am able to communicate the needs of those who’s lives hang in the balance. Perhaps I can be a voice for the children who have no voice.”

Delilah also shares her time with her own Point Hope organization that aspires to be the voice for forgotten children where resources, nutrition and education are scarce.