Defending set-top-box data


I disagree with your assessment that the DirecTV sample would not be a representative one and that it could potentially become a viable alternative to Nielsen (2/1/08 TVBR #22).

It seems to me that with ADS penetration as high as it is (25% in our market) that their subscribers now cross all age, ethnic and socioeconomic lines. In fact I would submit that they could better capture the demographics that Nielsen struggles to get cooperation from, namely upper income, under 35 households. The questions become a.) would the sample be representative geographically and b.) are the viewing habits of dish subscribers atypical of the market as a whole?

And of course, unless there is some active participation involved (ie; punching in), we’re still looking at household viewing, not individuals.

Thank you,

Bob Gallivan

Research Director, WIVB/WNLO

Buffalo, NY