DAX’s New Frequency For Data-Driven Dynamic Audio Ads


The digital audio advertising platform created by one of Great Britain’s biggest commercial radio broadcasters has partnered with digital audio’s “first Creative Management Platform” in an arrangement designed to enable data-driven dynamic audio advertising for U.S. advertisers and a network of “premier publishers.”

It’s an exclusive pact between DAX, owned by Global, and CMP creator Frequency.

Frequency’s data-driven capabilities enable personalization around ad creative based on real-time data signals (e.g. weather, location, time, device type), a listener’s listening history, and the performance of each ad creative.

In combination with DAX’s propriety measurement technology, Listener Insight ID (LIID), advertisers will be able to personalize their creative and track the results of each personalized ad, with a suite of audience insights.

DAX US and Frequency first worked together in May, when they launched a data-driven audio campaign for a QSR brand, leveraging the day of the week, location, and weather to personalize ads in real-time for listeners. When rain occurred in a listener’s location, the Frequency platform ran bespoke creative promoting the brand’s mobile app to inform consumers of a more convenient option for delivery. Without any rain, listeners heard rotating offers based on location and day of week.

The campaign’s results concluded that on average, across all markets, rain triggered the brand’s mobile app creative 14% of the time. When it did rain, engagement increased, likely because ads that reflected the rainy weather appeared more relevant and personalized, reflecting a direct correlation between personalized creative and ad performance. There was also a noticeable jump in performance at the start of the week, with Mondays and Tuesdays performing 2-3x compared to the rest of the week.

As a part of the partnership, DAX will also have access to Frequency’s Creative Management Platform for ad production, creative management, and detailed creative reporting. The full suite of tools can help ad operations with scale and workflow efficiencies.