Cumulus Gets Access To Twitter’s ‘Moments’ Feature



Cumulus Media has gained access to Twitter’s “Moments” feature, which will allow the company’s radio stations and Westwood One syndicated programs to curate stories for the interactive social media platform.

Moments are collections of Tweets that share the stories happening on Twitter, curated by Twitter and select partners. Companies granted access to make Moments can use the creative format to tell stories using related, real-time content. Moments unfold across multiple Tweets and involve various points of view, and can be Tweeted or shared via link.

In prepared comments released this morning, Suzanne Grimes, EVP/Corporate Marketing for Cumulus and President of Westwood One, said, “We are beyond thrilled to be part of this innovative feature from Twitter. It’s the perfect marketing tool for the network and our stations, who pour their hearts and souls into their shows and their events. It allows them to connect with and extend real-time relationships with our listeners, our communities, and our advertising partners.”

Lori Lewis, VP/Social Media for Cumulus/Westwood One, added, “Beyond the incredible storytelling that Moments offers us, it’s also an important way to give our audience a voice during events.”

Cumulus Media Twitter Moments can be found at @CumulusMedia on Twitter.

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