CRE issues RFP for mobile media consumption


CRE / Council for Research ExcellenceThe Council for Research Excellence’s RFP is for a study to understand if and how mobile media devices impact overall television viewing behavior.  CRE also seeks to improve measurement of mobile media devices. Among the questions the CRE seeks to answer:

How does concurrent media usage affect TV viewing, how frequently does it occur, and how does it affect engagement levels?

Is mobile viewing additive to, or a substitute for, traditional television viewing?

How does the user access video content (via apps or otherwise) on the device?

The CRE also will seek to:

Quantify reach and time spent on mobile media;

Dimension the conditions surrounding mobile-device use, such as location, time of day, and accompanied/unaccompanied; and

Compare results of the measurement used in this proposed study to the various current industry methodologies employed to collect this data.

The RFP can be found here.

The deadline for submission of proposals is 5/1; selection of a research partner is expected to be made 7/1. The Council’s evaluation will be based on the Supplier’s ability to address all issues and questions in the assignment, and other factors such as research design, prior experience, pricing, completeness of proposal, and ability to meet deadlines. CRE is seeking the highest quality methods, exemplary execution and thought-leadership. The Council reserves the right to select and/or negotiate with one or more of those suppliers it deems most qualified, reject any or all proposals received, and make an award in whole or in part.

CRE is an independent research group created in 2005 and funded by The Nielsen Company.  CRE is dedicated to advancing the knowledge and practice of audience measurement methodology and comprises senior-level industry researchers representing advertisers, agencies, broadcast networks, cable, syndicators, local stations, and industry associations.

CRE members represent advertising agencies and media-buying firms including Deutsch, GroupM, Horizon Media, Magna, Media Storm, Starcom MediaVest and TargetCast tcm; media companies including ABC, AMC Networks, CBS, Comcast, Cox, Discovery, Disney, Google, Hearst Television, NBC Universal, News Corporation, Raycom Media, Scripps Networks, Time Warner, Univision and Viacom; advertisers including Kimberly-Clark, Microsoft, Procter & Gamble and Unilever; industry organizations including the Media Rating Council, the National Association of Broadcasters, the Syndicated Network Television Association; and The Nielsen Company; and the investment bank Nomura Securities.

“As usage of mobile devices expands, and the lines differentiating those platforms blur, it is incumbent upon the media industry to understand the trends and prepare for the future with respect to content development, advertising and measurement,” said Joanne Burns, EVP/research, marketing and new media at 20th Television/Fox, and chair of the CRE’s Media Consumption and Engagement Committee (MCE).  The committee’s recent projects have included the 2011 User Experience (UX) Research Archive, and the Video Consumer Mapping Study, reported in 2009.