CPB may seek more funding


In recent years, public broadcasters in the US have been concentrating on hanging on to what federal funding they have – asking for a raise has seemed completely out of the question. But the combination of new digital broadcast platforms and Democratic control of Washington may feed new ambitions at the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and elsewhere.

Funding wishes extend to the journalism of NPR, the educational programming of PBS and the general impact public broadcasters nationwide can make as various think tanks and panels sit down to ponder the future of journalism.

However, according to an article in Current, CPB and the non-profits are first trying to make sure that the various organizations that come under that heading are all on the same page before offering any grand plans to Congress or the White House.

A combined front including both state and national organizations is seen as having a better chance of success than individual piecemeal efforts.

According to Current, public broadcasters will be proceeding studiously and cautiously and will attempt to be as prepared as possible before pushing for any new legislative or funding assistance.

Here is a link to Current’s full story: