‘Cost Savings’ Means Market Manager Consolidation for Salem


Just days following the passing of company co-founder Stuart Epperson Sr.Salem Media Group has moved forward with management structure changes “in a limited number of markets” that, the publicly traded company says, “provide some cost savings and will allow Salem’s most seasoned leaders to expand their impact on the performance of the company.”



As such, the following local leaders are adding additional responsibilities as follows:

  • Terry Fahy, Regional VP/GM for Los Angeles, will now also oversee Oxnard.
  • Steve Brodsky, GM for San Diego, will also manage Honolulu.
  • Dennis Hayes, GM for Portland, will now oversee Seattle as well.
  • Kevin Isaacs, GM for Cleveland, will now also manage Pittsburgh.
  • Mark Durkin, Regional VP/GM for Sacramento, will also manage Phoenix.

The dual-market leadership responsibilities come after Salem announced that Carolyn Cassidy would begin managing both Tampa and Columbus, Ohio, while John Gallagher would be managing both Chicago and Little Rock.

What about the five individuals currently overseeing the Oxnard-Ventura; Honolulu; Seattle; Pittsburgh; and Phoenix markets?

“In some cases, the former GM will stay on in a sales/sales management role,” the company shared early Wednesday.

“These changes were made to allow Salem to continue to innovate and invest in our business and to allow the very best leaders to oversee our radio stations,” Salem CEO Dave Santrella said.

Additional changes at Salem include the combining the sales efforts of Salem Media Reps and the Salem Web Network. The combined sales team reports to Mike Reed and Mike DeAmicis at Salem Media Reps.

“This unified sales team will now have easier access to all digital assets within our company to more fully grow into a ‘One-World’ company that offers ministries, advertisers, and our audiences’ multiple platforms with which to consume content and reach communities,” Salem COO David Evans said.

In Oxnard-Ventura, Salem operates KDAR-FM 98.3, a Christian Talk & Teaching station. Fahy will absorb leadership of KDAR and add that to his leadership of KRLA-AM and KKLA-FM in L.A. and KFSH “95.9 The Fish” in Anaheim.

In Phoenix, Salem operates a trio of AM radio stations. Management by Durkin will be meshed with KFIA-AM, KTKZ-AM & KKFS-FM; KSAC-FM is being sold to Lotus Communications for $1 million, as RBR+TVBR reported earlier this week.

Salem’s San Diego properties are comprised of two AMs; in Honolulu, the company enjoys a six-station cluster.

In Cleveland, WHK-AM and WHKW “The Word,” plus WFHM-FM, will see the same leadership as WORD-FM and WPIT-AM & WPGP-AM in Pittsburgh.

Salem’s six stations in Portland, Ore., will now be linked leadership-wise to three AMs owned by Salem in Seattle.