Complainant calls foul in LMA decree


The $18K consent decree struck between D.B. Zwirn, Tama Broadcasting Inc. and the FCC over an LMA that allegedly went over the line has now drawn a protest from the party protesting the arrangement in the first place.

Percy Squire, representing Glenn Cherry and Charles Cherry, says that the decree was handled behind closed doors on an ex parte basis and that his whistle-blowing client was given “…no notice of opportunity… to participate.”

Further, Squire says “self-serving statements” against the Cherry’s were presented to the FCC, again without any opportunity for the Cherry’s to participate. Squire says Zwirn in particular should be subject to a nationwide investigation concerning its lending practices, and requests the intervention of the FCC’s Office of General Counsel and Inspector General.

Squire has placed a Freedom of Information Act request for documents pertinent to the situation.