Coming to a Capitol Hill office near you


Following the FCC’s Tuesday vote, watchdog Stop Big Media didn’t lose any time getting a click and send letter ready for its constituents to fire off to their own members of Congress. Here’s the text of the letter bound for Capitol Hill. SBM is hoping for 100K signatures attached to the message.
Dear Members of Congress,

We write to you today to ask you to act swiftly to overturn the FCC’s Dec. 18 vote to relax media ownership rules. We have spoken out against media consolidation in every way we know how: attending hearings, writing letters, submitting comments. However, on Dec. 18, the FCC ignored this widespread public opposition — just like it did in 2003. The FCC has turned its back on its mission and its mandate. Their decision to let Big Media get even bigger will erode localism, diminish minority ownership, and decrease competition. Please take action now to overturn the FCC’s reckless action.


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RBR/TVBR observation: Note to click and senders: Nobody is impressed by your ability to click and send. Your message is much more effective if you write it yourself. Just trying to help.