Coca-Cola brings Olympians together in global spot


With just one year to go until “08-08-08” and the Opening Ceremony for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, Coca-Cola is announcing plans for a new global Olympic TV spot featuring Olympians LeBron James and Yao Ming. The new ad will highlight James and Yao as “Olympic Ambassadors” who symbolize how the world comes together over a Coca-Cola during the Games. The new commercial will be part of the global “Coke Side of Life” campaign.

Yao Ming’s new association with Coca-Cola was announced in July when Coca-Cola China unveiled its “Coca-Cola Olympic Star Team,” a group of athletes who will be part of a variety of Coca-Cola programs in China including special packing, advertising and promotions. LeBron James has been involved with the Company since 2003 and has taken part in multiple activities for brands Sprite and Powerade.
Residents and visitors to Beijing will also see the largest outdoor ad presence ever seen in China. Depicting members of the “Star Team” and featuring “Coke Side of Life” graphics, the campaign with the theme of “Shuang is Coming,” will be present in half of Beijing’s public transport ad panels beginning this month. The word “shuang,” which means physical, emotional and spiritual refreshment.