CNBC, Yahoo! Finance sign alliance


CNBCYahoo! Finance, the most visited finance website for the last 53 straight months, is teaming with CNBC to deliver enhanced content across multiple media platforms.

The move will expand CNBC’s online reach and provide a broadcast platform for Yahoo! Finance’s original content and contributors. Together, CNBC and Yahoo! Finance will bring an unduplicated online audience of more than 40 million people in the U.S. each month and share Yahoo! Finance’s content with the nearly 100 million households that CNBC reaches in the U.S. plus the unmeasured viewers in offices, trading floors, hotels, etc.

Effective 6/13, CNBC becomes the premier content source for Yahoo! Finance in the U.S., providing investors with even greater access to its signature in-depth reporting, marquee interviews and real-time financial news and analysis as part of the site’s broad and robust set of content.

Later this year, the two companies will also co-create a new slate of co-branded, original videos which will appear on Yahoo! Finance and  Yahoo! Finance’s journalists will contribute to CNBC’s Business Day programming and CNBC clips, news and analysis will be prominently integrated into Yahoo! Finance and featured across the Yahoo! network.

In the deal, Yahoo! and CNBC’s sales organizations will offer cross-platform advertising packages. CNBC will serve as the go-to-market sales lead.

Yahoo! and CNBC will maintain editorial control and host their respective sites.  Yahoo! Finance will continue to feature content and perspectives from Yahoo!’s editorial staff as well as reports from other industry-leading providers and experts.