Clinton, Sanders Dominate TV


VoteIn terms of television spot buys on television, the campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders dominate.

That’s according to Media Monitors, which has been tracking campaign spot buys in the 60 top television Designated Market Areas.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign aired 12,350 spots on broadcast TV in February, putting her in the #1 position. Along with 165 spots added by the Planned Parenthood Action Fund and 159 ads bought by the Service Employees International Union, her grand total for February 1 to 28th was 12,674 spots.

Coming in #2 was Bernie Sanders with 9,849 spots. He also received 58 additional spots from the Communication Workers of America PAC CWA Working Voices bringing his total to 9,907 spots.

The Super PAC Conservative Solutions played 3,792 spots for Marco Rubio, while his campaign ran 2,312 spots bringing his total to 6,104 spots earning him a clear #3.

Ted Cruz’s campaign ran 2,702 spots along with his Super PAC Keep The Promise I which ran 666 spots and his other Super PAC Stand For Truth ran 62 spots. That brings the Cruz total to 3,430 spots.

Donald Trump for President aired 2,280 spots.

John Kasich’s campaign ran 147 spots, while his Super PAC, New Day For America aired 121 making his total 268 spots.