Christina Aguilera, Eagles launch online radio stations


LiveDaily, a unit of Ticketmaster Entertainment, reports Christina Aguilera and the Eagles’ Joe Walsh have moved to the DJ side of the radio mixing board with the launch of a.p.e. Radio.

The online broadcast venture is a partnership between Front Line Management and Clear Channel Radio, and is found at Clear Channel’s website with dedicated channels hosted by Aguilera and Walsh, featuring music selected by the artists and DJ banter to provide color to the music mix.

A Weezer channel is scheduled to follow sometime this month, and the company says it plans to roll out additional stations produced by artists ranging from the emerging end of the spectrum to marquee names.

“At their core, artists tell stories,” A.P.E. Radio CEO Evan Harrison said in a press release. “A.P.E. Radio will be an additional creative platform to connect with fans and further that storytelling, while ultimately exposing fans to new music.”

An early release of Aguilera’s channel was followed closely by her tight-knit online community at LiveDaily on Thursday, with a positive reaction to the production and playlist, as Aguilera pulled together an eclectic mix of material touching The Rolling Stones, Jay-Z, Sia, Nine Inch Nails, D’Angelo, Prince, Gwen Stefani, Metallica, The Beatles and a light sprinkling of her own material.

In a press statement, A.P.E.–which stands for “artist personal experience”–promises the Eagles channel will likewise draw from a wide array of influences and personal favorites, peppered by Walsh’s recollections of his experiences on the road and in the studio, from his pre-Eagles days to now.