CBS Radio/DC to flip 'JFK to Sports soon?


The Washington Post reports CBS Radio plans to take on Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder’s Red Zebra Sports stations (of course, with Redskins Play-By-Play rights) in July by switching 106.7 WJFK-FM  from its guy-centric talk programs to sports talk. Bruce Gilbert, a former ESPN exec who heads Red Zebra, tells the paper he welcomed a direct challenge from CBS.

“Anytime there’s competition in radio, it usually means there will be more listeners,” he said. “More people doing what we’re doing exposes more people to sports radio.”

“In addition to trying to broaden its audience, CBS also might be looking to reduce WJFK’s operating costs. Its programming lineup has not been completed, but WJFK likely will retain the Junkies program in the critical morning “drive” hours. CBS has been talking with former Redskin LaVar Arrington and Washington Post sports columnist Mike Wise about hosting daily programs,” said the story.

RBR/TVBR observation: This may be a tough option for CBS Radio here in DC. The three Red Zebra stations (two FM rimshotters and good-signaled 980 AM) are ESPN Radio affiliates—along with carrying the Skins. Also, WJFK does not cover the Northern and especially Northeastern DC suburbs very well, as WWMX is right next to it out of Baltimore on 106.5. WJFK is best heard in the territory its antenna is located—Northern VA.