CBS Outdoor lets clients do it themselves


CBS Outdoor announced the launch of, a new web-based service that lets local advertisers choose their own outdoor ad creative from a catalog of customizable, ad-agency quality designs. The web-based program offers clients more than 50 local categories to start from, letting advertisers choose industry-tested templates to start the design process. Clients can then add in their business name, address and contact information, as well as a text code to action.

The new program is just the latest offering from CBS Outdoor seeking to eliminate the lack of creative as a barrier to entry that has prevented many smaller advertisers from taking advantage of out-of-home media.

Once the design process is complete, clients can search and then choose their preferred locations, using a map element to the site that allows users to zoom in on specific areas to see the billboard in its natural surroundings. Finally, lets the client request specific space for their signage from CBS Outdoor’s portfolio of outdoor media.

There are plans to grow beyond its current stage with more enhanced features and greater customizability for clients. CBS Outdoor has begun promoting the site through radio and its nation-wide network of billboards and transit ads.

RBR/TVBR observation: Looks like CBS Outdoor beat Google to the punch on this one. Good–we wouldn’t want to see Google buy up a bunch of billboard inventory for its AdWords advertisers, drive down rates and then exit the business, now would we?