debuts "Hawaii: Undiscovered"


It’s a new online-only web series, inspired by CBS’s Hawaii Five-0: The eight-episode production debuted 3/28 at Each five-minute webisode takes viewers around the island of Oahu, giving them a behind-the-scenes look at set locations and background on the island’s culture and history.

Hosted by Yahoo: Weekend Edition’s Jim Brasher and sponsored by Chevrolet Cruze, the webisodes will feature inside-scoop interviews with Hawaii Five-0 show advisors and island experts, including a Navy Seal advisor, the Hawaiian Language and Cultural advisor and the show’s location manager. 

During the first episode, Brasher searches for the greatest surf that Oahu has to offer.  He meets up with show star Grace Park’s surfing instructor, Hans “The Man” Hedemann, for some surfing tips before heading to the waves of the world-renowned North Shore, where he tries surfing for the first time.

More of Brasher’s adventures around the island will be documented throughout the series, including shark diving, ATV riding, parasailing and visits to HAWAII set locations.