CBC/Radio-Canada expanding digital ad opportunities


CBC RadioAdvertisers/underwriters seeking to reach digital audiences across Canada have an expanded opportunity via a new initiative at CBC/Radio-Canada. The public broadcaster has unified its digital sales team into an integrated, single point of access for advertisers–English or French, mobile or online.

Alan Dark, Executive Director, CBC Revenue Group, and Jean Mongeau, GM/Sales and Marketing for Radio-Canada, said they’re forming a joint English-French digital sales team, under the leadership of Michka Mancini, DOS/Digital Media.

In an interview with Mediacaster Magazine, Mancini said the upgrade has been in the works for almost a year, in response to market demands and the need to streamline the process for advertisers who want to reach English and French markets using new digital media platforms: The opportunity is within the digital media group, including both Web and mobile, and does not apply to linear TV. Prior to this, we had two independent contact points for our advertising partners; now, the agencies have a single point of contact to explore non-traditional opportunities and integration. And with custom-branded entertainment development, there will be more synergies on the table for both English and French clients.”

The move will mean an eventual expansion of the sales team, with anticipated staffing growth over the next three months impacting their Toronto and Vancouver operations. There will be a series of dedicated digital platforms and regional initiatives rolled out over the next few years.

Mancini describes says the business opportunities range in scale and price from “a few thousands dollars to packages upwards of a million dollars”, based on the levels of customization, integration and development required.

“We’re offering a solution that is both efficient and targeted for niche marketers, as well as mass reach opportunities for both (language) audiences.”