Cable and radio continue to push the presidential race


Coverage was all over the map during the week of 5/28-6/3, according to the latest report from the Project for Excellence in Journalism. But the continued fascination of cable and radio news outlet with the presidential race made it the only story to break into double digits in the overall coverage chart.

The presidential race picked up 20% of overall coverage, fueled by receiving 34% of cable’s time and 30% of radio’s. Middle East unrest was second with 9%, the economy picked up 6% and the John Edwards saga grabbed 5%.

The coverage undercard was particularly lengthy – 17 stories made it onto the top ten list of one or more individual media categories that did not earn enough coverage to make the overall list.

Story Overall Nwspr Online NetTV CATV Radio
2012 presidential election 20% 9% 15% 13% 34% 30%
Middle East unrest 9% 7% 9% 12% 9% 6%
Economy 6% 11% 5% x 5% 11%
John Edwards scandal 5% x 4% 12% 7% x
Memorial Day 4% 8% x 3% 9% 2%
Terror/security 3% 7% 6% x x x
Baseball steroids scandal 3% x 10% x x x
Cyberspace issues 2% x 4% 3% x x
Trayvon Martin shooting 2% x 3% x 3% x
Obama administration 2% x x 3% 2% 5%
Education system x 6% x x x x
9/11 commemorations x 4% x x x x
European economy x 3% x x x x
Facebook news x 3% x x x x
Health care debate x 3% x x x 4%
Same-sex marriage debate x x 4% x 2% x
Charles Taylor war crimes x x 3% x x x
Tropical Storm Beryl x x x 4% x x
Bloomberg big soda ban x x x 4% x x
Global warming x x x 3% x x
Catholic priest abuse scandal x x x 2% x x
Abortion controversy x x x x 5% x
Scott Walker recall x x x x 3% 6%
Queen Elizabeth Jubilee x x x x x 3%
War on Terror x x x x x 2%
2012 non-pres elections x x x x x 2%
Source: Project for Excellence in Journalism