CA org tries to ice Issa on tax


Darrell Issa (R-CA) is usually one of the first in Congress to praise Ronald Reagan and condemn unnecessary taxes, but that has not been his stance when it comes to performance royalties. Of course, the proposal is not technically a tax, but that is how NAB and local broadcasters see it, since it fails to acknowledge the quid pro quo musicians and labels receive when they get free airplay. The California Broadcasters Association is putting ads on the radio in Issa’s district, asking their audience to contact the rep and get him to change his ways.

Here is the script of the ad:

We’ve had a banking bailout an auto bailout, and a mortgage bailout…. now the music industry is getting in line….Millionaire singers are asking Congress to make radio stations pay for every song they play. Big music companies have enlisted Congressman Darrell Issa to force your San Diego radio stations to pay them for the free music you listen to. This bailout will force local radio off the air. Don’t let congress foreclose on your free music. Call Congressman Issa at 760-599-5000 and tell him to…leave your radio alone.