Business TalkRadio, Lifestyle TalkRadio drop year-long contracts


The Business TalkRadio Network and Lifestyle TalkRadio Network have announced they are eliminating their standard one year contracts for carrying any of their long or short form programming.  Both networks operate
24/7 and air more than 50, mostly live shows, all available on barter.  They currently broadcast on more than 1400 stations across the country.

Jeff Weber, Executive Vice-President of BTRN and LTRN said, "This is a move designed to allow more flexibility for stations to reduce their costs during these difficult economic times by utilizing our turn key programming. The trend for the past couple of years has been talk stations brokering out time to local shows.  It seemed like the cure for a decline in billing. But ultimately, it proved to be a short term revenue fix as a lack of continuity in programming caused listener tune out.  And eventually, unless the shows get tremendous response, they go away-and so does the income."