Bravo to launch “L-Bar” technology


Bravo announced it will debut its "L-Bar" technology during the network’s inaugural "A-List Awards" show later this spring.  This live technology allows viewers to interact with both the television program and the commercials, allowing sponsors and advertising to become completely interactive, giving viewers the opportunity to participate in sweepstakes, real-time polling and coupon offerings, as well as advertiser text messaging and web/wireless offerings. 

A graphical, on-screen overlay (in the shape of an "L"), the "L-Bar" can be used to solicit viewer comments about their favorite shows and characters, answer trivia and poll questions and respond to various calls to action – all via text message or online throughout the broadcast and commercial breaks. 
Said Lisa Hsia, SVP/Bravo New Media: "This innovation will help drive viewer engagement and involvement with both the programming and its commercials," said Hsia.  "The ‘L-Bar’ allows the consumer to seamlessly interact with the show, as well provide an added value experience for the advertiser. The ‘L-Bar’ provides the consumer that much more information about a product that seamlessly integrates and expands on the creative content in the show, giving an added value viewing experience."