BMI details new corporate positioning campaign (video)


BMI / Broadcast Music Inc.Reflecting on its past, present and future, Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI), the global leader in music rights management, released a video detailing its 2013 corporate positioning campaign that highlights its music industry leadership, heritage and renewed corporate positioning.  The year-long effort is being featured in print and online publications. The goal is to raise awareness of BMI’s corporate identity and capabilities within the evolving music and entertainment business and to reflect its enduring commitment to music creators throughout generations.

Said Del Bryant, President and CEO of BMI: “For decades, we’ve been devoted to building the value of music on behalf of our songwriters, composers and music publishers while nurturing and maintaining relationships with licensees. While celebrating our heritage as a leading performing rights organization, this new campaign underscores our mission and commitment to valuing music and managing the rights associated with it now and in the future – wherever music is played. Our focus on innovation and lasting relationships with our affiliates and licensees has helped identify and cultivate so many talented writers and composers. I am excited about the future of the industry and continuing our leadership mission.”

Creative for the campaign features a refreshed logo and slogans; “Write On,” “Powered By,” and “Valuing Music Since 1939”; underscoring the company’s values and contributions to the entertainment industry. The new visual identity will be used for marketing purposes and will be phased in communication initiatives. It does not replace the current corporate BMI logo.

The Write On slogan encourages the composers to continue to write, while BMI will continue to take care of the business side. “Powered by BMI” speaks to the licensing business of venues, restaurants, bars, clubs, live venues, etc. It also addresses their principles of innovation over the years.

Said Richard Conlon, BMI SVP: “This is a pivotal time in the rapidly evolving music sector and a good occasion to tell the BMI story as we approach our 75th year of operation. Our new campaign highlights BMI’s powerful brand equity as a trusted rights broker and as an advocate and forward-thinking organization known for valuing music. Today more than ever we are pleased to continue our work managing the creative economy across all genres of music and across sectors in the digital landscape and beyond.”

The video also gives an inside look at the process it undertook to develop a new visual identity and refreshed slogans to underscore key corporate values and principles. Footage includes excerpts from BMI execs, songwriters, branding and research experts who were all involved in the campaign’s creation and implementation.

Adds Silvia Davi, VP and Head of Strategic Corporate Communications and Marketing: “The Write On slogan speaks to the songwriting community and really validates their craft and encourages them to continue to write as we continue to support their rights.  The ‘Powered By’ slogan is speaking directly to our licensing business, BMI powers restaurants bars, live concerts, fitness clubs, and many other different institutions with the best music in the world. The other aspect of ‘Powered By’ is speaking to one of our key principles of innovation, throughout a number of decades BMI has continued to apply cutting-edge technology to everything it does in particular to how it does business online.”

Participants in the video include:

–Del Bryant

–Richard Conlon

–Silvia Davi

–Mike Delevante, Delevante Creative Director

–Lindsay Jamieson, Jamieson Brand Principal

–Janelle Dixon, MSLGROUP Senior Vice President and Director of Insights Creation and Measurement

–Marti Frederikson, songwriter

–Ross Wariner, songwriter

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BMI represents the public performance rights in more than 7.5 million musical works created and owned by more than 550,000 songwriters, composers, and music publishers.  The company negotiates music license agreements and distributes the fees it generates as royalties to its affiliated writers and publishers when their songs are performed in public.