Billion dollar man?


That’s what George W. Bush may shortly become. He is said to have raised $968M for himself and for other candidates since he took office in 2001, $70M of which has come so far this election year. That puts him a scant $32M away from eclipsing the Billion dollar mark, if you can call $32M scant. Bush’s 2007 total, also effective this election cycle, was $66.3M, according to the Associated Press. AP notes that the cash does not come without a price for those who receive it, however – it ties them to Bush’s low approval ratings. According to Rasmussen Reports, it stands at 33% at the moment.

So far, during 2007 and 2008, Bush has directly aided 12 senate and 12 house candidates, and one gubernatorial candidate. Here is a list of Bush beneficiaries.


Jeff Sessions, incumbent (R-AL)

Bob Schaffer, challenger (R-CO)

Pat Roberts, incumbent (R-KS)

Mitch McConnell, incumbent (R-KY)

John Kennedy, challenger, (R-LA)

Norm Coleman, incumbent (R-MN)

Roger Wicker, incumbent (R-MS)

Mike Johanns, challenger (R-NE)

Pete Domenici, incumbent (R-NM)

Lindsey Graham, incumbent (R-SC)

Lamar Alexander, incumbent (R-TN)

John Cornyn, incumbent (R-TX)

House of Representatives

Tim Bee, challenger, (R-AZ)

David Cappiello, challenger (R-CT)

Lincoln Diaz-Balart, incumbent (R-FL)

Mario Diaz-Balart, incumbent (R-FL)

Rick Goddard, challenger (R-GA)

Aaron Schock, challenger (R-IL)

Nick Jordan, challenger (R-KS)

Sam Graves, incumbent (R-MO)

Darren White, challenger (R-NM)

Steve Chabot, incumbent (R-OH)

Pete Olson, challenger (R-TX)

David Reichert, incumbent (R-WA)


Pat McCrory, challenger, (R-NC)

Source: Associated Press