BC premier spurning legislature in favor of radio speech


Christy Clark is the Premier of British Columbia, Canada, and is scheduled to deliver what the locals call a “throne speech” to kick off the spring 2012 legislative session. However, her administration has announced that she will skip a session with the actual legislators, and instead make her statement directly to the people over Corus Entertainment News-Talker CKNW-AM 980 in New Westminster BC.

Clark, who is a member of the Liberal Party, has more than a casual relationship with the station – she was formerly employed there as a talk show host.

Members of the opposition New Democratic Party are not amused. According to The Victoria Times Colonist, they are saying that if she has something to say to the citizens of British Columbia, it is still possible to get the word out via the normal speech before the legislature.

Political scientist Norman Ruff suggested that Clark consider the fact that she is now in the employ of the people of that province, not CKNW. “It demeans the legislature,” he said according to VTC. “This province has never been known as the greatest respecter of parliamentary tradition, but there’s a presumption in our political system that major policy is first presented to the legislature, which is the people’s house.”

VTC also passed along Ruff’s conclusion. “From a PR perspective, if you’re selling dog food that’s a good market to reach,” said Ruff. “But she’s not selling dog food. She’s selling something else.”

RBR-TVBR observation: It’s hard to imagine the governor of one of our own states pulling a stunt like this. However, the final score in this one is Talk Radio 1, Bipartisan Camaraderie 0.