Audacy Scraps Domain Auction


After an extended attempt to sell their domain name for a minimum of $2.5 million, Audacy Inc. appears to have pulled the auction from GoDaddy’s marketplace. The first round of the auction began in December 2022 and ran through March 28 with no bids.

The initial minimum bid had been listed at $2,500 before its dramatic raise. The $2.5 million bid price did not include GoDaddy’s one-time $9.99 transfer fee.

After the auction closed unsuccessfully in March, it was extended through June 26. Now the auction page simply reads, “Sorry, this auction is closed,” with another link to purchase or bid on comparable addresses with radio in the domain.

Audacy acquired the name in its CBS Radio merger in 2017 and shuttered the brand in 2021. Whether the domain was sold off-auction or is staying with the company was not released, but as of writing, still redirects to the Audacy home page.

— Reporting by Cameron Coats