Auction 99 Details Released By FCC Media Bureau


An auction of cross-service FM translator construction permits is scheduled for May 15 and to help aid participants, the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau and the Media Bureau on Friday formally established the procedures, terms and conditions, together with the
minimum opening bid amounts, for the upcoming event.

An overview of the post-auction application and payment processes governing what is called “Auction 99” came by way of a Public Notice released Friday (3/23) by the FCC.

In it, many details about how the closed auction will work were provided. Accuracy is paramount: An applicant whose application is found to contain deficiencies will be provided with a limited opportunity to bring its application into compliance with the Commission’s competitive bidding rules during a resubmission window, the dates for which will be announced in a future public notice. An Auction 99 applicant will be qualified to bid in the auction only if: (1) it has submitted a short-form application that is timely and is found to be substantially complete, and (2) timely submits a sufficient upfront payment for at least one of the permits for which it is designated as an applicant.

Auction 99 will resolve MX engineering proposals for construction permits for up to 12
new cross-service FM translator stations.

To review the entire Public Notice, please click here.