AT&T Fighting Big FCC Fine


AT&TThe FCC charged AT&T with changing the way it handled unlimited data plans but neglected to inform customers, resulting in a form of false advertising. It levied a hefty fine, and AT*T is challenging it.

AT&T allegedly replaced unlimited plans with a “Maximum Bit Rate” policy that did have limits.

The FCC said under MBR, the allegedly unlimited date slowed dramatically once a cap was reached. An average of 12 days per billing period featured dramatically slower mobile internet service.

The fine was $100M.

AT&T, per an article in The Hill, says the FCC’s charges are overblown and that a relatively small group of its customers were affected.

AT&T also said that the FCC arrived at the $100M figure completely out of thin air.

At a maximum, the telecommunications giant thinks it should forfeit $16K.

That would be a reduction of $99,840,000 for those of you keeping score at home.

The FCC’s decision to issue the fine was partisan, with the three Democratic commissioners supporting the fine and the two Republicans opposing it.