AOL Music shutting down?


AOL / America OnlineWhile we write this, AOL Radio, powered by Slacker, is still playing. However, the AOL Music site, which houses AOL Radio, is reportedly shutting down. Says “, a rock-music news site under the AOL Music banner, announced suddenly on Thursday afternoon that it was shutting down. Minutes later, it said in a tweet that the entire music editorial division of the media giant, which owns The Huffington Post, was closing.”

AOL Music Editors and Spinner have been Tweeting that they’ve been laid off and that AOL Music is “finished…All of AOL Music is shutting down. Thank you all for your support. We had such a blast.”

Meanwhile, again, no announcements or signs of problems at or AOL Radio’s home page as of 4/26 4PM ET. Also, nothing on the AOL Music Blog about the rumored shut-down. No word back from AOL Corporate. We’ll update if and as it happens.

As of 4/29, AOL Music is still live, along with Spinner and AOL Radio. It looks like they’ve laid off many of the staffers, including editors, but are keeping the site up with content gathered elsewhere.