Another Class A for Gray


Gray Television Group recently filed to add a pair of LPTVs in the Parkersburg WV DMA, and now it’s going for a single low power outlet in the Harrisonburg VA DMA. It will supplement Gray’s full-power WHSV-TV, which is already using digital multicasting to present four program streams to the viewing public.

The station is WAZM-CA, and Gray is picking it up for $66K. It’s licensed to Staunton-Waynesboro VA. The seller is Jones Broadcasting, headed by Gregory S. Jones, which will retain six other Virginia LPTVs in the same general area.

Gray is headed by Hilton H. Howell Jr. and Robert S. Prather Jr.

WHSV-TV is primarily an ABC outlet, but it uses multiplexing to carry Fox and MNT, and also yet another stream that takes ABC and other content aimed at the nearby Winchester VA market.

In its previously filed deal, Gray is picking up Marietta OH outlets WVEX-LP and WWVX-LP, which will operate in conjuction with its WTAP-TV. Like WHSV, WTAM also provides multiple program streams, including NBC, Fox and MNT. That deal is also going into the books with a $66K price tag.