Ando Media releases January rankers


Its monthly Internet Radio Top 20  listing of the top-performing Internet radio stations and networks shows Katz Online Network was first; CBS Radio 2nd; and Clear Channel Online Music & Radio third. Ando uses the Webcast Metrics™ audience measurement platform to track exact data and convert it to standard broadcast audience metrics that can be easily understood by the broadcast and advertising industry. See the rankers below:



AQH: The average number of persons who listened to a station for a minimum of five minutes within a reported daypart. This number is the average of the number of listeners recorded every 15 minutes for each station monitored by the Webcast Metrics heartbeat, or the number derived from the total time spent listening data obtained by Webcast Metrics directly from station server log data. Listening periods of less than 5 minutes are not included.
CUME: The number of unique persons (defined as the number of different IP addresses) who listened to a station for a minimum of 5 minutes within a reported time period. This is an unduplicated estimate, which may be underestimated in cases where more than one listener accesses an Internet radio station via the same IP address. Listening period of less than 5 minutes are not included. Cume audience estimates for individual station groups should not be added, because people who listen to more than one network will be counted twice. All 20 listed groups represent multiple channels of programming and CUME for a particular group is the number of unique listeners unduplicated across all the channels reported
— These groups are part of the Katz Online Network
* CUME for these groups has been estimated based on the relationship of AQH and Time Spent Listening