AmericanAirlines Arena to get huge transparent digital LED screen spectacular


A2aMEDIA and the HEAT Group announced plans to install the largest digital LED Spectacular in North America on the AmericanAirlines Arena, home of the Miami HEAT. A2aMEDIA’s Mediamesh technology is an energy-efficient digital motion graphic display medium that will integrate seamlessly into the Arena’s existing digital sponsorship and promotional platforms.

The Mediamesh facade will cover 12 of the concrete/glass bays that comprise a significant portion of the Arena’s supergrid (front wall of windows)—approximately 3,400 square feet. Installation is scheduled to begin in spring 2009 and is expected to be completed within two months.

“As part of our continued commitment to provide AmericanAirlines Arena patrons with the most dynamic and exciting entertainment experience possible, we chose A2aMEDIA because its next-generation Mediamesh technology is the best in the marketplace,“ said Eric Woolworth, President of HEAT Group Business Operations. “The new LED Spectacular will provide the official sponsors of the Miami HEAT, AmericanAirlines Arena and the events taking place at the Arena with an innovative sponsorship platform, and serve as a way to establish a more interactive relationship between the Arena and the people and tourists of South Florida. Most importantly, this installation will solidify the AmericanAirlines Arena as a trendsetting landmark and reinforce its importance in South Florida history.”

Mediamesh is a high-grade architectural woven stainless steel mesh that is very flexible and can secure to any shape building or structure. It is an elegant, proven product that has been installed on buildings around the world. Mediamesh is the only transparent large-scale media technology available that provides architectural aesthetics that enhance the look and feel of buildings, while providing a powerful digital media platform.

A2aMEDIA has applied the patent-pending Mediamesh technology to digital LED displays, creating a unique, transparent surface for showcasing digital images on large-scale buildings. Any content that can be displayed on a computer screen can be shown on an A2aMEDIA screen: images, graphics, text/words, movies and more.

When the screen is off, the screen blends with the building architecture. When it’s on, images float across the screen surface in high-pixel resolution. Best of all, the views from inside the Arena will be unobstructed by the up-to 70 percent transparent screen, allowing viewing from inside the Arena out to Biscayne Boulevard. Simultaneously, onlookers outside the Arena will see a full range of exciting, visually engaging digital media content — viewable from the steps of the Arena, Biscayne Boulevard and beyond.

Mediamesh “curtains” are made of linear tubes filled with LED nodes that provide the “pixels” for a large-format display mesh. At only three quarters of an inch thick, the mesh panel is incredibly durable, and has the ability to withstand extreme heat and cold.