American Biker Minute covering 71st Daytona Bike Week


Envision Radio Networks’ American Biker Minute is headed southbound for the 71st Daytona Bike Week and inviting radio stations everywhere to ride along with a free week of daily vignettes beginning 3/12.

Host Jeff Ryan will share his stories from the open road along with a cornucopia of domestic and foreign motorcycle enthusiasts he meets on his journey to Daytona, including the biker couple doing 130 mph in a national forest, the dad who planted his brats at Disney so he could ride Daytona Bike Week, along with the surprised biker babe who went full tilt after she peeked under a kilt.

Take a time out from the winter weather and heat things up with a full seven days of highlights from the Daytona Bike Week party. Whether it is experiencing the four B’s of biker culture or sipping body shots from salty navels of pretty girls, American Biker Minute’s Daytona Bike Week Special brings all the fun and excitement of this annual rally to the radio.