Ahmed Upped In NAB’s Media Relations Office


In February 2011, the NAB welcomed Zamir Ahmed as its Media Relations Manager following a two-year stint as deputy press secretary for the House Committee on Small Business.

He later rose to the director role. Now, he’s been promoted again.

Ahmed’s new title is VP/Media Relations, a bump up that comes three years after his previous promotion.

He began his career in Washington as an intern in the office of Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) in 2008.

“We’re pleased to reward Zamir for his loyalty to NAB, his intellect and strong work ethic, and his excellent writing skills,” said EVP/Communications Dennis Wharton. “He’s a terrific asset to our organization and to free and local broadcasting.”

Ahmed has the distinction of making an appearance as a “Jeopardy” contestant in 2014.