A real soap opera in LA?


That’s the way the Los Angeles Times has been playing this, with NBC Universal’s Telemundo sending in Michael Rodriguez from O&O WSCV-TV (Ch. 51) Miami to be acting GM of O&O KVEA-TV (Ch. 52) LA to fill the seat vacated by the corporate reassignment of Manuel Abud in the wake of a news ethics scandal (8/6/07 TVBR #152). The soap opera angle now is based on Michael Rodriguez being the younger brother of Ray Rodriguez, President of Univision – or, as the Times depicts it, "the arch-enemy of the smaller Telemundo operation." 

TVBR observation: Yes, a little sensationalism helps to sell papers, but this is hardly as juicy as the KVEA scandal that created the GM opening, with a news anchor having an affair with the Mayor of LA and still delivering reports on air about her secret beau. This is not new territory for the Rodriguez brothers. Michael was already GM of a major Telemundo O&O in Miami when Ray got the promotion in 2005 to President of Univision and before that he was head of the TV network operation.